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Do the light thing.

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A group of South African entrepreneurs are taking plastic bags and refashioning them into solar powered backpacks designed to give children light to study with.

The plastic bags are cleaned and turned into a textile-like material. They then sew the material into backpacks, and add a small, removable solar charger, which collects power as the kids walk home.

The chargers can be easily removed and screwed onto lamps made from mason jars. They then provide six to nine hours of light, crucial for studying if the kids are among the 1.3 billion people worldwide without regular access to electricity.

If only this was the last straw.

Marine biologists on a research trip in Costa Rica have pulled a struggling sea turtle out of the water, only to find its nostril blocked by a plastic straw. Debating whether or not to interfere with the poor wild animal for fear of legal ramifications, the biologists persisted and removed it completely. The turtle clearly did not like the procedure, but hopefully now it can breathe a little more freely. This is no ones fault but ours.

Plastic is drastic.

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